Welcome to Prakash Academy

Prakash Academy is a new hope to the education system of India. It is a social enterprise and a self sustainable organisation. It aims to help all the student community but particularly those who do not have access to quality education. Through various activities, Prakash Academy will boost the knowledge level of students.

Any query can be forwarded to contact@prakashacademy.co.in

The Problem

The problem is systematic. 0.8 Million students or 53% of the appeared students in Class X examination were not able to pass matriculation exam in 2016 in Bihar. This number increased to 0.85 Million or 50% in 2017. In intermediate (Class XII) the passing percentage was only 35 % in 2017. But the problem doesn’t start in class 10th or 12th. Its root are very deep. In ASER report 2016, it was found that only 45% students of class III-V can read at least a text of Class I4. But the roots of the problem does not stop here. Students were provided with the books in the month of December’17 instead of April’17. Teacher are hired without any training and this is creating a havoc in the whole education system.

Our Approach

As the problem is complex, the solution also needs to cater all the dimensions of the problem. The solution need to work from top to bottom of the iceberg and so we have developed a multipronged strategy to tackle the problem. There are various parts of the solution:
i) Work at the primary level
ii) Work at the secondary level
iii) Training teachers and future leaders

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