By: Pramod | August 22, 2018

Why I do, what I do? Several times this question is asked!

Part of the story is here:

While rural India is full of talented and bright minds, they go unnoticed and most of them end up as daily wage earners in absence of proper guidance and education.

But the story of one of the kids from a remote village was different. His father studied well and later became an Engineer. They moved to a nearby town and the kid got good education. Although this kid also faced several problems in his life (Sudden demise of his father and other things) but because of his good early education, he later graduated from IIT (BHU) and IIM Kozhikode. He worked in multinationals in India and abroad.

But all the kids of this village and surrounding areas are not that lucky. One of cousins of this kid couldn't even complete his class 10th because of his father being farmer and other conditions which were not under control. Today he is a labor in Gulf country working in heat and dust for the well being of his family.

But to end this cycle of bad luck and poverty, the kid mentioned in the early paragraph returned to his native village and started an organization named Prakash Academy in April 2016. Today Prakash Academy has a reach of 250 kids, who are taught by bright fellows selected from the same villages. The kid's name is Pramod Kumar and he was selected by Teach for India for its incubation program as well as in N/Core immersion program as the part of first cohort.

Prakash Academy is trying to expand to 1000 students this year. But this won't be possible without your help. Your small contribution can make a big impact into the life of unnoticed talent of India.

To support one village for one month, you need to donate 5000. This will bring education to 40-50 kids of such villages.

To donate now go to

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