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Execution Team

Pramod started this organisation while working in Tanzania to help the students back home. He faced the same problem while preparing for IIT JEE and developed his own way of learning. Based on his experience and methodology that he developed during his preparation, he came up with this innovative solution to help students.

He is a graduate in Engineering from IIT (BHU), Varanasi and Post Graduate in Management from IIM Kozhikode. He is passionate about teaching and imparting knowledge.

The backbone of Prakash Academy, a gadget lover and a jovial technical geek. Kaushik is a skilled and experienced enthusiast with experience in the field of NGO, Social enterprises, etc.

We call him Executor at Prakash Academy with the key responsibilty of operation and product development.

He is an Engineering graduate from BIT Mesra.

Aman is the Head of Academics at Prakash Academy.

He is a post graduate in Engineering. Prior to joining Prakash Academy he was working as Assistant Professor in MIT Bikaner. 


Raju is operation manager at Prakash Academy. He makes thing happen in any situation. 

This forms the core the of the Prakash Academy. Neetu, Salu, Shivani, Nitu, Renu, Priyanka, Sita are some the faces visible in this picture. There are others also who work silently behind the scenes. 

Advisory Board